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A warranty can provide important peace of mind for vehicle owners by covering the cost of the maintenance and repairs required to keep the vehicle on the road. At Herts And Essex Motor Company Ltd we can help provide a range of comprehensive vehicle warranty options. Please contact us today for more information.


We are delighted that you have chosen to buy your used vehicle from Herts and Essex Motor Company. We have done everything possible to ensure your vehicle meets your expectations but in the unlikely event that you encounter a problem we are here to help.


We have a dedicated aftersales department who ensure you have a positive customer experience. The team are available by e-mail on info@aftersalesservice.co.uk or via the telephone on 01992210380. If you have any issues whatsoever no matter how minor, please get in touch with our Aftersales team and they will endeavour to resolve your problem by return.


Refunds within the first 30 days of ownership are subject to you, the customer, demonstrating that the serious fault existed on the car when you purchased it.

Once the refund is agreed you agree to return the car to Herts and Essex Motor Company.

Refunds will be paid within 14 days of return of the vehicle. If there was a part exchange, and this car is still available, Herts and Essex Motor Company, reserve the right to return the car as part of the refund, at the part exchange value, less any costs incurred on the car (paintwork, service work etc).

Where a customer had negative equity, it will be their responsibility to repay the amount to Herts and Essex Motor Company, once the car has been returned. Any finance agreement will be cleared once the car is returned.

Where a customer chooses a replacement car, they may swap “like for like” on price, or adjust any difference on screen price. Finance can be re arranged on the exchange car, on the same terms subject to credit.

A customer can only have one exchange.

Where a viable repair is preferred, we will be happy to do this. If a repair is uneconomical we reserve the right to offer an exchange or full refund.

Service items required are not considered reasons for returning a vehicle. It is the customers’ responsibility to maintain the car once purchased.

This does not apply to vehicles bought for high performance or commercial use or for taxi or hire or reward purposes.